We deliver exemplary
digital experiences everytime

And our process framework helps us achieve it

Step 1
Research and Strategy
We started with

Research & Strategy

Our First step for every project is to always gain maximum understanding & knowledge. We ask the right questions to the stakeholders and users to formulate the optimum solution.

Steps Involved
  • Requirements Gathering Requirements Gathering
  • User Research User Research
  • Competitive Analysis Competitive Analysis
  • Stakeholder Interviews Stakeholder Interviews
Step 2
Define and Document
Then we move to

Define & Document

We analyse our research data gathered from both the stakeholders and users and infer our insights to formulate a project roadmap. We ensure that defines solution solves not only the business objectives but also fulfills the user requirements.

Steps Involved
  • User Personas User Personas
  • User Journey User Journey
  • Customer Journey Mapping Customer Journey Mapping
Step 3
Design and Engineer
After that we

Design & Engineer

In this stage of this project is where we start combining the logic with design thinking. Our designers and developers understand the insights from our define phase and work together to infuse cognitive science and technology to create user-friendly products.

Steps Involved
  • Wireframing and Prototyping Wireframing and Prototyping
  • Content Mapping Content Mapping
  • Visual Design Visual Design
  • Multi Platform Agile Development Multi Platform Agile Development
Step 4
Deliver and Iterate
And in the end we

Deliver & Iterate

We are proud of our delivery and deployment processes as we follow industry best practices for all our projects. These practices enable us to deliver our projects with the least number of friction. We further partner with our clients to keep improving the products to meet new requirements from the business & users alike.

Steps Involved
  • Cross Platform Testing Cross Platform Testing
  • Documentation and Manuals Documentation and Manuals